понеделник, 22 октомври 2018 г.

What to do?

I mean what to do?

You are bored, you want something interesting?... But not sure what... you want  to read or to watch something to waste few hours?


Life is not long... taking it seriously won't put you too far!

What should you be reading?
(DeYtH Banger)

  1. Comedy: Con Fuck 
  2. Comedy: Me (2)
  3. Comedy: Me (1)
  4. Comedy: Doing 'Omething
  5. Enduring Pain (2)
  6. Comedy: Okay?
  7. Comedy: On Drugs
  8. Comedy: Persona
  9. Comedy: Suicide 2
  10. Comedy: Suicide (Part 1)

Which books next to read?

- It's pretty damn good question... so much books and films and TV Series... what next is supposed to be watch or to be read?

What next to read + What to watch????

- Oh God, two things in one... Oh God... it's two questions put in one!

Check Out:

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