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Comedy: Bible 5

By DeYtH Banger

"“Life is meaningless without God!”
How many times have I heard that? I have participated in more than a hundred public debates and have listened to many arguments for the existence of God, and often my opponents will throw in this nonargument during closing statements. “You may not be convinced by the evidence and arguments,” they admit, “but you should believe anyway because otherwise your life is empty and worthless.”
That rhetoric may work for some, but not for me. Tens of millions of people in the United States, and hundreds of millions around the world, lead happy, loving, productive, moral, and meaningful lives without believing in a god. We atheists have immense purpose—life-driven purpose—thank you, and are not starving for anything more."

- Dan Baker

"Chapter 4, “Much Ado About,” is my attempt to answer the question, “Can something come from nothing?” or “Why is there something rather than nothing?” These are not arguments for the existence of a god—they are just questions—but they are interesting and relevant, and many believers imagine they prove something. I make what I think is a strong case that those distracting questions are fruitless. I intend for this chapter to remove a prop from the claim that we were created by a superior intelligence to serve his aims rather than our own. It is not directly related to purpose and meaning, except for the fact that if there weren’t something rather than nothing, there could be no meaning or purpose at all!
It is true that “atheism” is a negative word, but so is “nonfiction.” They are double negatives. Both words tell you that what you are getting is real, not pretend. Those of us who do not believe in a god have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to fear, and nothing to regret over our lack of faith. On the contrary, we nonbelievers have something valuable to offer the world, underscoring the fact."

- Dan Baker

"...that life is valuable for its own sake alone. Unlike many believers, we atheists are not smug, divisive, or exclusive about our views: we welcome all people into the natural human family. A supernatural additive pollutes what is pure and precious in our species. We atheists simply refuse to be cheated of the good life It is about you.
Forget what pastor Rick Warren says. When it comes to purpose, it is about you and no one else.
This doesn’t mean everything is about you. Morality is how you treat your neighbor and truth is how well your statements match reality. Behavior and opinions can actually be objectively right or wrong, independent of your thoughts."

- Dan Baker

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