събота, 4 май 2019 г.

Comedy: Wose 2

By DeYtH Banger

I want to die into spoon of syrup. I want to die in pie of shit… I HATE NATURAL SEDUCERS!

I was supposed to be an extra in a movie… but tge road when along the line "too excited"… and I just didn't make it… the moral of lesson is when life goes well you are excited … that's why you don't suceed…


Okay… okay your kid us watching some bullshit kids show + he has imaginary friends also and playing with imaginary objects… THE WORD FOR THIS… LET'S BLAME IT ON BEING TOO HONEST ….. IT'S A WHOLE DISORDER… THE FUCKER IS CRAZY!

Fat fucks suceed… get beat up
Gays suceed.. always going out with girls or with their sexual partner…

As for me.. I am a fucking failure… I showed middle finger into people's face at the Mall.. it got as far ignorance and ignorace…

Such a low level I have never been to!

I know how to get girls… I know why my system is working… I can basically tell you the whole pile of black magic tricks out of the book. Dirty secrets… flow… natural game… openers…


Mhm… how about go swallow "Fuck you" and if you feel offended go dial this number 087 654 342 fuck your mom… I am greedy and I won't for fucking sake te you anything. This does not make me a bad person… you are bad… I AM JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE… THE LAST THING ON THE LIST I WANT TO BE BEATEN DOWN BY MY TEAM.

I started reading book about pornography most of the shit was typical repeatable cliches… after one… then another… and it had 1000x (times)… used the word "Porn"… this more helps me feel theoretically more bad about myself… soon my libido won't work…

There was even something about people fucking over their relationship, because  of porn and I was like



It makes me mentally blocked… when I am going out with a person who is my mom fucker and my friend… those relationships… JUST FUCKING CAN'T EXIST… I DON'T WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH THAT FATTY TWAT.

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