понеделник, 4 септември 2017 г.

Fuck Freak

I have fucked my mother... I am not saying that to creep you out but I have done that... So Let's say when I went out of her vagina... my dick touched the walls of her pussy. I don't remember that moment, but this doesn't make it that it hasn't happen. To me being in the state of small means to forget stuff and probably being on autopilot.

But why I don't rember that moment?


Why I don't have in my mind some kinda thought which says

"Yeah you did it once... it was with your mother it's not any kind of sin... it just happen... that's how humans get out...Everyone once in his or her life are freaks this shouldn't stop you."


Why I don't remember that... but I am vunerable to porn?


It always makes me on... but this shouldn't decline it has ruin a lot of lifes... is that the glitch of life... pornography?

A glitch which has been by chance is in each creature

BUt this is the last thing which is happening in the world... people get on very very strange stuff...
LIke slapping a dick
Kicking a dick
Being Rough

(But yeah the bussness of dicks... what can get you on... is just one touch a pretty woman goes around you... It's really your type and start touching your dick... IMAGINE THAT... won't you get on?

I would if this happen to me... IF I WOMAN WHICH IS MY TYPE start touching my dick... WOW... WOW... WOW)


Who tha fack gets on by that shit?

- Is the question which is going to play in your mind.

So I have been on autopilot?

5 Years or 4 years?

I really don't remember what happen

P.S. - If you want to get something you should relax and listen to what you like.

There isn't anything wrong in anything life fucks you up as always look like there are bad boys and good boys... bad boys are somewhere in the bars... they are everywhere even if you ask me each person once or twice even more can be a bad boy.

That's a state which everyone can be.... YOU JUST NEED THINGS WHICH TO STRIKE YOU UP!

Shit is like that...


You should stop to masturbate as first and as second nothing is strange... it's strange to don't have sex... but you can fuck everything and everyone if you still get pleasure... DO IT>

ANd dead bodies at once good be something which the one of sides gets a pleasure.

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