събота, 30 септември 2017 г.

It Happen

It really did happens words are action.
It really did happen sentences are action.
It really did happen "I didn't saw it .. but it doesn't mean that hasn't happen.

Pornography did happen.
. … people were having sex from a long time that it wasn't taped as we do now. This is the beginning of everything.


Feet withered with fungi, hands dry and withered.

(It happen),(It Happen)… Somewhere around morning when I wake up.

Life was better before I wake up… Everything was great until I wake up.

This guy was looking forward… until






Got his attention


I am going to fuck her… It happen… I saw her… don't panic she is my next vicTim.

Hash it



- Ughhh, dumb

"Hello, sexy"

- Ughhh… she is not sexy


.It happen I started thinking… come on… it's not so hard to say a word… until it happen

They see me
They see me

What I type, say and think is already in somebody else head ready to be blown up… oh she is hot.. . OPPS IT HAPPEN.

Dick wasn't like now… when I was opening my pants I was seeing a potential dick, I was seeing some more than a dick..  something which can get blowjobs… Just touch the balls and slice all peanuts.

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