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Writing Guide (Part 2)

4. (Rule)

- You should see the whole image

If you are writting a story about erotic kills try to see the position of the bitch and how the cock is around her and a guy is trying to rape her and how she see the all thing and also try to see and the killer position.

- Why does he starts that?

How he does
WHat he does

Who is he?
What's his name?


Is that his first victim?


You can see great examples inside my stories

1. It's Not A Happy (Great Killer...)
2. One The Record 
3. A Letter Send to: (A Letter from a killer)
4. The BBB (I am sorry, but that's how everything started)
5. 1960's (Kill YOurself)
6. 1960's  (Part 2) (Try It)
7. TimeZane (Part 1) (Did you Saw it comming?)
8. TimeZane (Part 2) (Words aren't enough)

(Note: It means that if there is a cock which is going to cum in her eyes you should be in her position and too see how it's going to go... where?... Why there?... ask yourself this questions and try by using the answers building up something. IF you can't make something today ... put it for tomorrow... probably you are going to get motivation tomorrow.  If you are the killer try to experience the art... what will the killer have

1.60 - Heigh?
60 Weight?


With A Glock

(Bang.. .bang... - Just typical crimescience the killer is in rage and knows the victim or probably is because of stereotype if we look closer he kills people which look almost the same... probably this has been a girlfriend which has left him and now he seeks for revenge... or what?... Or what?

This here is a Criminal Minds Profile... why you don't try to build up one?)


With a knife

(Slash... slash... slash... - Bam Bam the art of killing)

5. (Rule)

- Research is important... if I want to make a rape case... I need pornography... First to feel the pleasure of sex and how it reflects mind... then as a second stage I start watching Series like

"Dark Minds" - Documentary
"Criminal Minds" - TV Series
"Elementary" - TV Series
"Obsession: Dark Desires"
"House of Horror: Kidnapped"
"American Ripper"

- The whole idea is to feel now how is the feeling to kill


third stage what we need to get there?


Alcohol and drugs can do the work... they say something small and it gets bigger anda the guy whoo is on too much alcohol or on too much drugs just... SNAPS


But why we don' make it more complex... the gets angry or jelous... jelousy is awesome and it doesn't need somebody to be on drugs or alchol to feel it.

and snaps


Or some people just decline to  take him at work because he is already bein in prison... - TOO MUCH?


Being suspicious could do that think making the detective thinks that this suspicious guy is the killer and boom... few chapters... thinking that they are on the right guy but they are following a wrong person... - How awesome is that?


It's like life!




Phobias are awesome things if u use them in right way you can make  a hell of a good novel.

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