вторник, 26 септември 2017 г.

Writing Guide (Part 3)

6. (Rule)

- A Good cover isn't enough I have seen books with bad covers and good story and books with great covers and horrible story. But if you ask me... I won't choose a bad cover book unless I know the author and I have find his works interesting.

Clive Cussler - A author of adventure if  your thing is adventure few free to read his books but my thing isn't adveture.

Lee Child - Very typical author for me, the same goes and for Jonathan Kellerman, I just don't like them... 

7. (Rule)

- Erotic

Erotic books are easy... you could watch pornography at least 200 videos all are different I mean in POV of people which participate as for what's going to happen... we already know that... 

- Thriller

It's all about to have some suspense... strange chapters and plenty of murders that's what a good thriller is all about.

8. (Rule)

- If you gonna write

Erotic, Romance... it's one point of view no other POVs it's not so hard to make it.


Mystery, Suspense, Crime, True Crime, Thriller thats' what's awesome nowadays you should focus on that.... ths is what people want... erotic, romance... we could watch and porn... it's so real there... in a book it's a dry thing.

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