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Writing Guide (Part 1)

1. (Rule)


Build a character... in the frame of 5 chapters... don't put too much details make him the main character... then somewhere around 5... 6 chapter... try to create a killer... make the killer interesting and mysterious then try to use the kill the first character in this case the conflict is between

Detective (Great... 25 Years)

Killer (Who is very familiar with how everything goes in crime scene)


What more interesting than a fight between too genius creatures...

1. Detective

2. Killer

to make it more interesting try to be as mysterious as possible don't be predictable if you don't like the way the whole thing goes... try with new chapter a new direction then wake up... make it a dream... alll  what has happen is a dream... but what more vicious than recognizing a dream inside a dream... everything happens... reality is a dream... what happens is just in a dream it has never happen... but never isn't the word which you should use... never is just the beginning... it just starts... first dreams then it starts to strike in the reality... But reality isn't nothing more decagon... dimensions.

Everything gots a corner in this whole story... but as you get closer you pray to don't get somewhere where you shouldn't be...


2. (Rule)

- This above is the beginning it's like picture inside a picture inside a picture



Create characters.. .Create "Extra" - this is the people which will die... which will be around...

you can't fly between two characters... you need more audience... make a place which will be interesting to be explored... if you ask me

try with chapters which are more gripping

Chapter 1 - You wish you are Dead
Chapter 2 - Deadly Choice
Chapter 3 - Deadly Decision
Chapter 4 - With Precision
Chapter 5 - Everything Sucks
Chapter 6  - Everything is Nothing
Chapter 7- It's too Late to Say GoodBye
Chapter 8 - Try To Say "GoodBye"
Chapter 9 - Don't Press
Chapter 10 - Don't Think about it


This is awesome it makes you wonder what's inside each chapter it could also be

Chapter 1 - 11 Victims
Chapter 2 - Dead
Chapter 3 - Being Great Is nOt Enough

(DOn't spoil the content by giving a chapter name which tells everything which is going to happen in this story like


Chapter 1 - The Detective Dies
Chapter 2 - Killer IS Caught

(Naaah sucks... we already know what to expect try something like)

Chapter 1 - I wish I am Dead
Chapter 2 - Nothing
Chapter 3 - I was There
Chapter 4 - It's A Lie
Chapter 5 - Take the BUs
Chapter 6 - Bloody Art
Chapter 7 - It's the beginning


3. (Rule)

- Don't spoil the story by going around the same events over and over and over and over... and trying to ruin somebody's reputation while building other people reputation, reps suck if you gonna make reps just stop  writting. Writting is not about reps it's about "ODD". Some authors spoil the story in the middle

"You already know what's going to happen and expect something new... but it stays there" - Opinion


Kill him... them... all of them... if u don't like the outcome of this whole story create a sequel and kill all of them... one by one... how?

Just make it silent... and personal... we are not amateurs.

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