понеделник, 11 септември 2017 г.

Hate Me (Part 2)

You should hate me… Look I just spoil your mind once again. But if we think about it you shouldn't PUTTING me in charge after all.

- "1. Free will
2. NO ONE made you in doing stuff which you don't want"


- "Yeah, Yeah I  am in charge my fucking day is horrible. First is rainy, Secondly people stare at me and it makes not very comfy, Thirdly Weirdos are walking by the streets… SHALL I CONTINUE"

Oh god tripple it or nothing…

Let's slice is the truth is that it's your fault

"You came here and started judging me in a rough way. You don't know anything about me… My Life... But you had the FUCKING GUTS TO TELL SOMETHING WHICH IS 50-50 YOU MEAN AND YOU DON'T MEAN."

"Nothing changes the whole goal of this story. What I desire the most is everyday to see you… Smell your hair every second and minute.. and even to slice your fingers at any time in the hour."

Nobody will remember you … me … them. It's not a conspiracy it's the truth.

The price is

- 20$ - BlowJob
- 25$ - Sex
- 50$ - FUCKING the legs


- 15$ - BlowJob
-  20$ - Sex

This is bitch service.

Life is a long dream if you want to wake up you need to make somebody to kill you or you to try to kill yourself. Which so far both paths don't end up well in the end.

Serial killer, killers don't look at them as bad guys… They are good Guys, just doing what life has offered them to do. - THAT'S THEIR DUTY… SOLDIERS HAVE DUTIES SO DO AND SERIAL KILLERS.

To become a killer … You should have dreams… which should be fulfilled with rage, Agression.

In the end bad guys = good guys and good guys = Bad Guys.

Note: You are nobody

The words don't matter
Are you a PH.D. Guy or without again it doesn't matter.


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