сряда, 27 септември 2017 г.

Hate Me (Part 3)

From all rights… right now you can hate me.

First, bullshitting you
Secondly, bullying you

And third what has happen has happen. It's a fact (You are like your father) - Not really like him #That's a fact.

But let me be honest with you. It's 18/09/2017 - For me is now… my future is tomorrow and Now. Not really planned having a role in a German film or even Great England film or American or Bulgarian. I HAD A  CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE… NAME ME CRAZY BUT EARLY IN THE MORNING LIKE 4:45 TO GET OUT OF BED AND 5 GOING OUT… IS WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW… IT'S NOT THE NIGHT - PM BUT AM… SOMEWHERE AROUND THE MORNING… BUT MORNING REMINDS ME FOR NIGHT.

Little bit late  but
Still it starts in the morning and it ends in the nights. 12 Hours straight, in the frame of this 12 Hours friendships have been created… food has been delivered for all fools… and still not enough eating twice for 12 Hours straight.. Food as good as a bad joke.

Material in your head looks a lot… but when it faces the real deal - the paper. It's just few sentences, you even don't have the whole story. It's something but not enough… it's something between!

But does between exist?

Before we move on.. This is a joke… being late and nobody saying like for example no need to come.. . WHY IN FUCKING HELL DID I COME?

You could say since the whole beginning that "Don'T come"… I was Late for the cinema industry for god sake and what from being written down on a paper like a "Save My Place" - I just get moved to "You are like all". If you are wondering about the worst moments in life they are in the "Real Life".

- Your best Friend Fucks U Up
- Somebody says that he or she are your best friend and after few minutes you see something totally different.
- A bitch just farts
-  Agression target = You (Your friend is in bad move… why not just to kick and punch you… God says that we should forgive… So yeah… We are going to forgive to all sinners in the name of God.)









Come here one hour early - That's what I do… - OH Oh yeah great … Will I sleep 1 hour or 2 hours I am in tje bed, it doesn't matter if you want from me… just to be there 2 o'clock… To enter the wrong "Entry" and get beaten up for doing it… Oh come on from which novel this piece of shit is comming.

Why couples like that one… over there don't die as soon as possible?

- Being ugly is what will kill all of 'em

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