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Success in

Chapter 1 - In Fitness

(P.S.: Ughhhhh ugly)

If you want to look better and to improve your body first you need to make some challanges in your life for example don't stay in the fitness 1 hour, but stay 4-5 hours. To get more... try by reps you want to improve your body you need reps... which means repeation of that movement more than 10... first 10... then a break ... 20.... break 30..... break... 40.... and level it up... don't give up.

Musscles are build on tension


You will feel like to give up… but don't think about it… Just have in mind soon in home next you few energy drinks and getting ready for your next day.

If it's all about me… (Nowadays: I have some memory problems…)… but still my routine after fitness going home... and start going around facts… movies… TV Series, books and plentry other stuff and then I just go in bed. After so much work
.. Little break will be needed… I know that when I wake up… the day will be the same but what can I do?


Chapter 0

What can I do?

Masturbating since 11-12 years main target my father laptop… there inside this piece of shit shot it was fulfilled with pornography. It's sick to watch it… not to do it… By doing it… you are normal… but by watching it and jerking off this is so SICKKKKK.

Since 11 years already being in school… what did I learn?

- Too Much Material
- StressFull Place


- All is about the flow… but fuck the fucking human flow it's over all limits.

- People talk and talk and talk

- Some people have like other people problems…

Money is a big problem
Family drama is another problem

"No means No"
"That's wrong… I told you not tOol do IT…  DID' T YOU LISTEN"

I manage to read 582 Books To read in the fram of 2-3 years.

How did I done that?

My Third year I got few breaks from school and while some people were around shit, I was around the best material. It wasn't just books!

- Articles

- TV Movies
- TV Show
- TV Series
- Audiobooks
- Crime

People are outside being dumb… acting dumb… but me… me… I have forgotten all that shit… I need to prepare myself with data as much as possible… School won't give me that chance… but home: Yes… I can read what I want, re-write what I want, read as much I want. And I am finding fun in all that, life is not a Fart… but a  Challange in which the best wins.

School did not motivated me in reading… It made me to hate subjects… First Foreign language which is… the language which now I speak and write and which you are reading now.

School showede that a book review is not done in one week but month even months… oh god I am grateful that my both hands are still moving and alive because this is torture…

Few Words as review is enough..  but whole novel to write = review this shit is crazy. PEOPLE ARE STUPID ONE STUDENT BOOK FOR 2 YEARS REVIEWS MADE IN MONTHS… CRAZY AND INSANE TEACHERS…

Chapter 2 - Fireworks

They matter... I don't find it as satisfying.... as triangle firework... I search triangle all others... which are $3. What we need is something very louder... it's like BANG... BANG

From a pistol or let's say something more than a pistol… if you have enough triangles and all shot mixing it up is one of the most crazy bombs you can ever create… People are selling bombs and they are deadly… but they don't know… they fucking don't know.

when it bashes the head doesn't matter what happens on the victim... but the sound is satisfying... IT"S CALLED SATISFACTION.

Killing somebody is a satisfaction!

Chapter 0.1

I am getting blows in the head…. Getting beaten up…

I manage to read 582 Books, I ha've written 57-58 Books. Just in the frame of 3 years - Rough said. I have two libraries with plenty of books + I have a list of TV Series which I should stick up to and follow + 30 Boois-  Current Reading. But staying on one book isn't thing which you should do as soon as you get bored get something else then come back to continue if you can - Of course. School is a place which have plenty Of subjects but in the end mostvof them are gone along the way… If you think you gonna learn anything.

You are fooling yourself, nothing else after 12 years you gonna see the same picture like me… Waste of time…

Economics - A subject based on lies… And Manipulation.

Math - You don't need the upper levels… I have even asLee proffesionals about math… like "Where in fucking hell will I need this" and no Accurate answwe has ever been received.

Chapter 3 - Speed Reader

P.S.: Hey shit face what are you watching?


Note: Probably the real truth is by suppressing what you desire… makes you want and wonder things which you don't desire. If you had a girlfriend… PROBABLY YOU WON'T THINK ABPUT ABOUT HAVING SEX WITH TOTAL STRANGER… IF YOU HAD A GIRLFRIEND YOU WON'T BE SOME KINDA INSANE  ANIMAL AND SEEING EACH POTENTIAL WOMA/GIRL AS A SUBJECT OF DESIRE.


- Back To What We Are Really Doing

- We just do it for a reason, not just for the words but to relax... words speed off... and we never get piss off from the story... If you find it interesting while you speeding off... great if not the author suckss... if you do... the author doesn't.


Walking wasn't just walking... since we got a phone... road was a real speed off of words... each step was in about from 200 words up to 300 words... a book is about 50,000 words which means 5 minutes if you read 10000 - so much words in a minute... and if 1000 it's in about 1 hour... max.


If you read by using speed reader make sure to have a book shelf - Fast_Read, Fast_View or something like that... because speed reader isn't the same as staying and doing by yourself, but still it's something. Blinklist by itself is a speed reader

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