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Comedy: Me 2?

By DeYtH Banger

It's all about me.. and me… if you don't like the stories… feel free to leave the room at any time.. I think about me… I care about me.. and I am narcisstic bitch. Play with Point of views… that's what trivia… viral… in the writer society in my opinion it's first person point of view awesome… I know why people should be around and why I am important…

So the answers… I repeat good shit to myself everyday … I use mirror and other type of positive thoughts exercise… so why not me? Why them? My mom definetly does not care… she thinks that I am master manipulator with suicode accidents and saying shitty stuff… probably after all body language… observation and learning communication skills gets a hole right in your ass.

Here is the tryth when A woman is hard to get playing… you are now playing against her and the bitch shield which she has put in front of her. When I look in the mirror… the first thought which pops out is "You are not death… kill yourself… come on… put some commitmentband decipline into this shit.". R.L. Stine author Goosebumps his jokes are not funny… the best which I can suggest to him… is to jump from a bridge… he is going definetly do something slightly more efficient … and effective and good… he is going to end up in a documentary.


What's my life or let's say what do I do?
I binge movies and tv shows… I have pleny of tine waste from my youth so I am watching some good shit… I don't have time to panic and getting paranoid about guns and financial crisis and wars… cone on aren't supposed to be smart… you are intelligent abd now you are imitating an ape behavior… come on… come on…

What's the next suprise of the day? Don't think? Having an opinion? Reading a book?
Not a suprise at all

To all fat fucks … run if you can… still go with run… because the moment you stop hearthattack is going to kill you. To smokers… great great… economy is growing the first step of helping economy is cleaning up the schmuck and idiotic society… once the clean up is done we are ready to go. Alcohol abusers… if you can drink and if you can't stop drinking alcohol… give a thought… give few thoughts… about process… probably got hates you. I don't do proper talk with girls, mainly because after a conversation I am strongly supposed to blame, judge and shame myself… I skip that step… mainly because… I feel weird about the whole process. My eyes are red… my eyes hurt… it's because I am using a skill which you have forgotten to put into work, it's called "learning". I just don't get fighting… what's the idea to learn something or to bend over!?

Jokes about my size, oh it's so genius… how much carrots do you get as for daily reward? Fuck Max and his screw up game.. you suck… okay… go ans get rape. Sex is a new nuance… it's a rape method, I hate all this angry and full of conflict people… it turns my wheels around.. what's wrong with you? Your parents don't love you? You lost hope at young age? You can't masturbate?

Ignoring and hate this is new thing which is going to motivate you, if you are not getting motivated probably you are mentally incapable human being. Before we start the fun, Have in mind those big screens in your home… are slpwly and effectively killing you. So stats say that Bill gates is current reading 3 books… he has started reading since 2010… Before that he hasn't been a fan to read books… so far do I… I became fan of books around 2016 year… Bill gates reads in a year right now 4.. he has read so far and for the previous year he has read 23… we are talking for a fucking speed reading shit.

As for.
 Me right now 90 books I have read my goal is to make it 367… it was somewhere near that… I am not sure…

I fonished a book with 500 pages for 3-4 days… for a week I can read 3 books… for 2 weeks we are talking from 4 up to 6 books… 3 weeks… 6 up to 9 books… for a month we are talking about 12 up to 16 books… so let's ignore the whole year.. Because I an going to Embarrass Bill Gates… it seems like that… I am hear not to say That I am the big deal… but this big pua fuck is no near to reading a book… stop sharing bullshit stories.

I started today with streaming porn feature... I started watching that shit to see what people have, what I don't hate and the most important thing the dominance which they apply and it's missing in my life...  I insidely fucked up... God fuck me up...

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Review: Death Wish

Death Wish Death Wish by Brian Garfield
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oh God, I was hoping for another ending another way of going this story... but so far it ended up as most crime and CSI movies.... tv shows. It kinda dissapointed me a lot of!


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Review: Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street Nightmare on Elm Street by Jeffrey Cooper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stay tied... shut your eyes... and let it come... let it come. I won't spoil the plot or the story, but one thing I can say... the story has a follow up as for Jason Voorhees, not really clear intent of why is he killing.

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Review: Trucks

Trucks Trucks by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Comedy: Me?

By DeYtH Banger

Okay, let's talk about me, I suck in writting my life sucks and the words which I am using I suck.
The reality is while I walk I think about somebody raping me, I think about dominance… about my weak life… my weak mind psychology in action in my life. Blowjob is a blowing air thing, right now… right in this moment somebody got offendee few people got confused and others left the room. The story is sad and that's how harsh reality is… we are not talking about something new… this old… people always are fragile and get offended. Depression, you got depression… just grow up… fucking grow up.. go out… talk to people, reduce porn. Sorry, for talking fast… I just binged few episodes of Storage War, right now I am watching those fast talking rappers… and life definetly sucks Black and White Rappers have stuff… as for me I am at the bottom of the sea.
Did you prepared? No
Did you prepared? This question is tricky, you are saying it… twice so this time my answer is going to be "Yes"… I read few times… spikes, openers, push-pull and  negs. I am sorry for ruining and telling all of you about pick up.

It's a secret society, that for sure as hell is true and second of all they are hightly efficient manipulators. Motivation?
You need motivation?
You want motivation?


I know that tye of people who ignore me or don't talk me… do that because I am inferior. You want to hear something abput sacrafice? Really?
Jesus sacrifice himself for privious and future sins… how crazy is this?
If you ask me, not enough, still not good enough… one detail is missing his dick… I just don't see hos dick in images and drawings and even it's not written in the bible… was he castrated, is he a virgin, is he heterosexual, is he homosexual, what does he eat, is he special?

I am sure as hell special, we all special… that's what bible proposes. I know that believers right now are going to hate me, but I am okay with that…  after all we can't judge them… the bible is against minded people.

My mom said to come over and see her fuck-budy, what does this mean?

To see how good in the bed is from my dead father?
To go and grab a cock?
To go and to fuck him?
To come over and to fuck me over? - As far as telling me stories for how good he is in the bed, how he is sucessful with women, how he has put my mother in the bed…

"Yo, bro I am fucking your mom"

That's the last thing I want to hear… what is he doing?
Trying out new set of rape skills or terrorizing anotger innocent civilian. Look the story rape goes to sex so far it comes another… some people get free sex, because in the end the girl is desparate and wants somebody to fuck her… this type of package is a free virgin package. As for me I need to pay to have sex… I need to pay to get out with girls… I need money… why I am so screwed up? Why? I pay to people… and I have done nothing!


"Oh bro... bro... do you got one of those jokes... this pretty cocky... ones... ginus... brilliant... lines?"
- How about to come over and suck my... dick... if I not in the mood and strongly forced... there is a slight chance you are not interesting enough for me... to go over and to go with my routines.

I have friends okay?… Okay? I have friends, I don't want to go over this topic… okay… I am totally going to lose my job… and so far this here is true… I have friends. I call them they don't answer the phone… I have friends… They don't answer twice or tripple the phone… I have friends… they cancel  the call… I have friends… They rately return the call… sonetimes they do… others they don't … I have friends… most of them never go out with me… I have friends… I guess this is not funny, it's not meant to be funny… I told them to come over here… They didn't came… I have friends… They ignore my messages… I have friends… They care less about me… I have friends… They are fake and they are using me… I have friends… They say sometimes "I don't care", "Fuck Off"… I have friends… They ignore calls … I have friends… They have the need when I call them… to end the call… I have friends… They judge me and tell me what to do and what not to do… I have friends… They never come out with me… I have friends… They laugh and try to go friendly and ars happy for me… I have friends… But they rarely… just never go out with me.

Yesterday, I was telling a guy about the movie which I am watching… he said "I don't care", I started telling about the plot… he said "I don't give a fuck", I started telling him about my interesting robbery day … and he said "STOP WITH THE FUCKING BULLSHIT… STORIES…  STOP THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT STORIES", is he drunk? Nerves? Somebody has ruin his life and right now he is on mission to binge on let's see which next life to ruin… or he is mad just from nothing… which doesn't run as far as from being insane… mentally not capable.… so I started telling him about the next tv series… I am planning to watch… he said "I don't care"… he said again… "I don't care"… I started telling him about what tv show I am watching… he said "I don't care"…I have friends… This here is my friend… by definition my best friend.

The last guy I was out with… he was ignoring me… What I saying.. doing… and he was all time surffing on facebook… messanger to see did he has missed something… is there something new and right now… right in that moment I told myself what best way of saying "I don't care… I don't give a fuck"… by doing this he politely punishing my verbal skills + if I do something to crazy and insane he is planning to punish me… "I not going out with you…" this here process ladies and gentleman is isolated man… punishment… it's paychological phenomenon in whicg silences rapes you from inside to outer ego.


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Review: Brain Droppings

Brain Droppings Brain Droppings by George Carlin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"March 1, 2019 – page 158
February 28, 2019 – page 126
February 6, 2019 – page 59
21.69% "In my opinion is like new century philosopher... if you want such type of style to see you need

Lee Mack + Jimmy Carr + Simon Sinek + Sam Vaknin = George Carlin"
February 6, 2019 – page 59
21.69% "Two Days and he got me... with his wit... and wisdom and jokes and way of thinking.

George Carlin is a different comedian just comedians like him to find are rare...

February 6, 2019 – page 59
21.69% "Two Days and he got me... with his wit... and wisdom and jokes and way of thinking.

George Carlin is a different comedian just comedians like him to find are rare...

February 6, 2019 – Shelved
February 6, 2019 – Started Reading"

P.S.: If I need to say few things about him that's great verbal game, knows how to play with language and words, definitely reads pleny of extra material out of comedy and he turns it into fun stuff. George Carlin is a guy who knows principles and methods of society and tries to put the pipe right in the ass of the sheep group.

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