петък, 14 април 2017 г.

All As None

The Narrator

Nothing is going to be changed, that I am a bad narrator?

Big Deal!

I never did said I am going to tell the best thing

or I am the best... in which you are going to listen to...




Who did said that and who thought it?

If I say that, I am just going into a second problem,

a problem as you call it.

Mhm, a problem so famous as a "promise".

Which means, once I say it

I should execute my promise.


Promises are meant to be executed!

Counting is for real nuts, narrating is for people which
know what they are doing and why!?


And how good do you think, killing is?

Killing somebody?


That's the questions which you should ask yourself, do you know what's going?

to Happen after that?

DO you see the image?


If you ask me... don't create black pictures inside in this white frame
... you ain't gonna like it.

(But still you do what you do and you put black pictures no matter from my warnings....)

(P.S... - Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so fucking OPEEEEEEEEEN AS A BIATCHY HOLE)

Once in jail, nothing can be changed....
It has happen and now you have a problem which you should 
deal with somehow. 

YOu made your choice....
Nobody did pushed you around this edge to be
and to do this...

How is going to go






Until, the night it's going to torture you the thought, that you have killed somebody
in the end... you gonna CRY... BE ANGRY... AND FULL OF AGONY.
And still he/she is dead and what have you done?

2 Years have passed and nothing has changed.

The same goes for 3,4 and 5...


Tell me, what are you planning to do after somebody dies?
How are you going to deal with this?

He is dead...
She is dead...
They all are dead...

So what?
That a baybe died... you done what you can.... that now it's not alive. It just happen
YOu can't do anything!

That your father died... probably from age... heart attack or as you can say it suicide
or to be more interesting .... ANOTHER HOMICIDE.... 

Again the same... you can't do anything YEAR 1.. 2 years... you can torture yourself
with these thoughts. Forever, still nothing is going to be changed.

That your mother is dead or some kinda other type of relative is dead... 

Stop thinking about it!
Stop going with people which think only about this!
Stop focusing on the dead people!
Stop going to watch dead people if it's affecting you too much!
Stop crying... nothing has been changed and it won't  be changed!

I always were crying for sweets when I was together with my parents... fewer times 
I got what I wanted... the other times... I wasn't getting it.

But it could be something else... it's not mandatory to be sweets... 

it could be a toy... a film... a cinema... pop-corns.


It's as poisonous as you see it,
It's as pathetic as you feel it.
It's as polemistic as you touch it.

But still you don't know that solving one problem,
won't change anything for good or bad... for evil and good.

It has happen... you have done it. 

Noone did said that
doing that making that move will change something. That you fucked your wife?

Doesn't mean that she won't want one more time to be fucked, right?
That you had an affair, it won't be your last one or your first one, you have
started and you gonna  continue that path.

That you killed somebody... mother... father... son... or daughter... 

Great... great 
I will be glad to hear about this, but still this won't change the idea, that you have taken somebody's
life, just for god knows for what type of reasons.

It's treasonous... if you ain't as reasonable as you think you can be.


Fuck your god,
Fuck your faith,
Fuck your believes,
Fuck your religion,
Fuck your  past,
FUck your present,
Fuck your friends.

I can continue here over and over and over... so many fucks that in the end... I will be famous 
with the 

"The guy who was giving too much Fucks."

I don't know who is god... and what does the bible says, but still what you do... and what you don't do
should show that you ain't that guy who you think you are.... and saying you are!


Yeah, the day has passed I don't see anything positive here... 
I only see the negative,
the problem is that I don't focus on the negative but somehow I go there...

The day soona gonna end... my mother is going to come home... few more hours have left just  before my mother finishes work... few more minutes to reach  here and to be rest  a little or not really a little on a bench in our neighborhood  park.


To be there or few steps further ain't gonna move the "Hell", soona.... she gonna come home... and ain't gonna be one of the news which are the good ones....

 until that time comes on the way or the questions is... should I go outside?

And even...

Can I go outside?

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