петък, 27 април 2018 г.

NoteBook #Random

Now the heights of buildings in the capital are limited to the width of the streets they face plus twenty feet. Most streets in DC are no wider than 110 feet, so  most buildings are no higher than 130 Feet, which usually means thirteen stories or fewer.

Still too high for me. I can't stand near ledges. I am not so afraid of losing my balance or slipping. I am afraid I'll jump.

When I reach the bottom, I walk through the parking lot take the stairs up to the brick path that follows the C&O Canal Diana lives on a tiny, two-block stretch of 33rd Street between the Potamac River to the south and the  Chesapeake and Ohio Canal to the north. Here is the last building before the dead end  at the canal, so it's a secluded walk for me  as I COME around to the front of her building again. It's sticky-hot outside in August. The capital was built on swampland and our humanity is unbearable this time of year. I don't blame Congress for staying away.

Two Younger guys  are standing outsuse the loft building across the street,smoking cigarettes and checking out my bike "Sweet Ride", one of them says. He'd small and mangy, like  Joaquin Phoenix in To Die For - Nicole Kidman's breakout role in my opinion, in which she showed for the first time she could carry a movie.

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