понеделник, 21 август 2017 г.

1960's Part 2

Life did change you and me all the world,
stories shape our minds,
films shape our thoughts,
books keep us ready for whatever next is going to come.

Along the way you gonna find yourself in the shit, this shouldn't be the place where
you will stop. You should continue reading choose wisely each next work and author if you are into thriller.

Try Going Around authors like

  • Lee Child (I am just joking this guy doesn't cost and a peny any of his works... each work gets shitty and shitty.)
  • James Patterson (That's the real bigger deal, never have read a lot of books written by him, but I joined his Master Class as first and I have read few books written by him and I have watched movies based upon his books.)
  • Stephen King (Around this guy works I have been... and probably 50 works I have read which are written by Stephen King. If you want we to talk about horror, let's talk about Stephen King, this guy really knows what's horror really is.
  • Dan Brown (This guy knows what's a mystery...)
  • Dean Koontz (Great Guy)
  • Jeff Lindsay (The Creator of the Crime Series Dexter)

The story is going to continue...
She Rob me, or let's put it like she tried to rob me.

Not as Stranger Rob
But Relative rob...

She tried to still a laptop from me... without even a little bother of asking.





That's the name of today's image world got changed and I gonna repeat that until you got that.

Today's progress is that I didn't jerk off... it can be put as long time not very long period.
Yesterday's progress is that I talked to random people man and woman... men and women... girl and boy... boys and girls.

This is a nice progress... it's something out of my ordinary days.

He. Hated Her
She, had him but wanted a story...


Blood Diamond - That's today's my choice for what to watch.

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