събота, 5 август 2017 г.

Writers (Part 2)

I know that now we are in a new
month. What has happen July,
Stays there.

I should be now here and start playing
a new song, a bit difficult (P.S.: Time 05/08/2017)…

(Note: Nobody did said to me… that it should happen at… between XX:XX and XX:XX.… I just concluded that just to get safety spot.)


People always look for the beauties,
But they forget that once that there
Princess was one of the top #1 ugly girls
from school class.

So here is a story

There is a male, he fails
With getting a good quality girl.

After 1000 Ways of 'ying (They Said that)

(Note: I am huge fan of 1000 Ways To Die.. . But don't mix "eing" with "ying")

And when he is in that position… he starts finding his
Salvation behind the ugly beasts of immortality.

(Note: This is s sci-fi story for legends… and killers.)

P.S. - It's great that right now I am in the tramp.. and buckling up for fitness… Will it be for 1 hour?… 2?… 3?.. - God knows

Time: 19:13/04.08.2017

Great, just great to announce that there aren't any  sick fuckers who are planning to check my documents for travel.


If you want to become a writer just have in mind that there are haters out there and lovers. One hater… can bring 5 haters… one fan can bring 1-2 fans. That's life swallow the big pill and don't bother yourself with thinking about this fuckers.

If you hate a book… film… say it… tell ur opinion by using social media.

If you still want to be a writer… you should remember that in comedian life there are shitty days… the same and for writers.

Writers: To be more exact… this days are days in which non-protectivity takes a big role.

Comedians: After so much laugh… It's normal depression to strike.

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