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Note: An Old story... Which was left Lifeless...  now I gave it spark to start breathing.

The beginning of my sex life… I wasn't so lucky as first since 10 years old up to 17 years old… I was spending all my time on watching porn… Watching the lucky ones how they get the best…

- BlowJob
- Anal
- Hand job
-  Sex
- FeetJob
- FootJob
And many other hidden desires.

To get a blowjob from a hot lady… Babe… YOU SHOULD BE RICH AND STILL READY TO DIE. I always new that if "I" fuck a prostitute or whore my future has been taKen by a bitch… already less life span and my days are already counted.

But this here tip is not only for me but for all of the guyz on these planet.


Anal - Something which nowadays is very well known.


Yes… Yes try to judge me, I am ready for your judge… Sure, I did fail in life. People don't know me or see me as a author. I got a lot of ideas… But should I expose each one of my ideas?

The truth about this whole story.. Is that pornography is an addiction. You would say… That it's not like alchohol or Drugs… - or Even like games. But even having that in mind doesn't stop your from the road of Addiction.

Blowjob - Sounds awesome… Like Tongue going around the dick. I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE HOW DOES THAT FEEL.



(P.S. - I always dream about to tell a story

.… Not about mentally ill or retarded people… But the genius group. THE PLACE WHICH BRILLIANT MINDS MAKE STRIKES).

Let us
Let In

Just look it from clear point of view the guy when is finishing… (Cum.. . Cum) Looks like death… Look now woman she is different full of life.

Logically what we see is

Full Of Life + Death-  Trying something!

Tongue touching the dick

Meat and meat contact… What my point of view of this Concept is that I see humans are huge steak.

Can you imagine such an advance steak as human?

First in real what we see is pushing like …to be more clear pressing…But each pressing… Means different things

1) Kissing (Type of pressing which in reality looks if the same from higher position but somewhere down… it looks like two lips vs two lips create some sort of pressure.

2) Sex (Type of pressing which in reality looks the same - From Higher position, but somewhere down… We see some kinda hole and something getting in and out… In … out. I still ask my self does space by itself makes people to cum?


Because it exists and contradicts everything which has been ever known.

Each addiction has a beginning.

In pornography is from games… or lets put it as in my case I started with sex games. JUST PLAYING ON MY FATHER LAPTOP…. UNTIL I GOT TO A PLACE WITH ONE OF MY FRIENDS-  ADULT GAMES.

Firstly, It was a laugh and Curuiosity

Secondly, it came a moment in which I desired to feel something. Of course I wasn't with any friends or people or family… relatives around me… I was alone by myself….

I saw the strange movement of the hand of the lady… I mean the way she was doing it… Down…. UP.. . DOWN UP…

AND THE DICK ONCE WAS covered… then again open…

At first it was small… but then it started to get bigger and bigger.

She put it in her mouth and started doing strange stuff.

Third, The game had choices

1) Dick 1
2) Dick 2
3) Dick 3

Had did she managed to swallow so much… No FUCKING Clue… And I started doing the hand thing…

My junk (Dick*)… Was getting hotter… then it started getting bigger and bigger…  I was impressed…
It was strange feeling my dick somewhere in a cirole in my hand stays and my hand moves. First the jerk off was like a ring then when my dick got bigger… I started using my whole hand or two hands!

 Then I asked myself how the fuck does she manages to put that thing in her mouth and do insane stuff.


The days started flying

After few years my desire got really big… I started searching more and more… But something to give me excitement.

From Sex


To Trio

Group Sex



Even Shemales  at age 15-16 Years old I was interested… I mean at that time I was 15-16.


What still puts me ON is how a bitch sucks a horse cock…. SOME OF THEM EVEN GET INTO THE LEVEL OF CUMSHOT BUT BY A HORSE.


Everything draws excitement… once you lose it… You want more and more…. UNTIL ONE DAY YOU DO SOMETHING.. . For which you are going to be sorry. - Rapist Dictionary

(Note: Let me blow your mind… Between each element… Thing and Stuff there is space between - That you don't see it, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.)

- God Bless All Sinners if I am wrong

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