събота, 19 август 2017 г.


January 21, the story is about Alcatraz that's what now I am watching

Kill yourself, come on soofabitch,
you can't write and you are alive for what?

Shouldn't you kill yourself? It creates within pleasure,
no masks, no tricks... just one trigger.

Nothing wrong is about that,
I just wanna deal to make with you,
don't worry I won't accommodate with somebody a deal about your body or ur soul.

Once I was a collector,
not a soul collector, but body collector. People were paying me to collect bodies
and hide this bodies to make sure this bodies to gone forever, you know those deals... deals
which people pay huge amounts of money. I like money, I am not a greedy bastard.

Illy said "1,2,3... up to 7 six to the pig... are you looki right 8 and 9... we are ready to go..."
Illy just shoot his next victim, I bet that this guy fucking damn killed her... or she is alive?


But soul collecting isn't bad... after all people ... humans... animals are shapen with souls which means that when you take the soul he/she will be die... eventual dead... that's cool... fast strrike nobody can get ready for the God works. I wish I had the privilege to be soul collector.

Life is life
You can't imagine a hand without a body (ALl Parts)
You can't imagine mind without brain...

Or Imagine a brain... but in the same time imagine that there isn't brain and there is...
can ya?

In One image to do all that shitty fucks works.

P.S. - THe story is going to fail you... bam... splash... bum... in your head

... It fail me... it will fail you. Notta like a 4-5 years old kiddo which is insulting

(On the record Yesterday a kid just started insulting me... just out of nothing... out of thin air... how fucked up is that?)


So How late it means late?

What does it really mean in the afternoon?

People say

say "We are going to see each other in the afternoon."

- How much late is the afternoon?
13:00 (After Noon Time)
14:00 (After Noon Time)
15:00 (After Noon Time)
16:00 (After Noon Time)
17:00 (After Noon Time)
18:00 (After Noon Time)
19:00 (After Noon Time)

Which one of those is their choice of afternoon, never has been said... never will be shared. Literature fail me... there are so much works on the internet that nobody should waste any of their pricious time to read shitty in case that there are books which involves crimes which can't be imagine.

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