четвъртък, 17 август 2017 г.


We are consumers,
We buy,


Selling is not consuming

Creating is again not consuming,


Buy why as I writter I go here?


The answer is Mirror yourself

- But still it's bad now right now
to say "Bye"

- It is not nice from my side is it?


But under "Bye" I mean "The End"

But now, 
right now,
 is the time not to leave you like now so fast... but to grab you and to make you get
right in this story. That's what all writers do... they grab alll their readers and put them inside,
it's fucked up when the best runs out... and it 's horrible when the worst comes on the strike.

Both are too much...


Movies have the ability to go as the story has already happen... it's happening... but you came
here and something wrong come out.

"Always we were fine until you came here"

- That's what should bothers you

People leave me to wait in suspense me as a writter to leave you fast... without even one fight?

Come  on you fail in the battle.

THE COMBAT, but still it kills me inside when
people see me as guilty and don't acknowledge my presence.



Than to be consumer... because alll this above shit is conffesions of consumer... life has consuming you and in the end somebody should become a consumer in the name of god and in the name of survival. People lie... you can get near to a lot of people... but this doesn\'t give you better chances

it's just in justable way.


I use music - DUBSTEp/Deathstep/
Because there are voices in my head and I wanna destroy them... they just kill me....

SELF-DEstruction: On

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