събота, 26 август 2017 г.

Writer 3

Which is that there beautie, of couRse not you. I even don't know ya, but look my following up lines. I am talking to you in the same manner as I talk to my friends.

P.S.: Sadly I do not have any friends….

By declining now you gonna decline and later…


Never put it for later

Do it now and that's all


Impeerior and Varietity… Vigmurity and kid yanks.

Life is terrible material nothing is for RL. YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT DON'T TRY TO PUT YOURSELF NEXT TO ME.

You are not like me.

- I am special

- I am different

Let's got give you the chance to have hope in me and my own actions. I don't think that I am the best human choice, now is the time and the moment in which the internet is slow and the best way to make from such a "Zero Day" is by writting.


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