петък, 4 август 2017 г.

Writers (Part 1)

All writers were productive,
Everyone got one idea or bunch of
And he or she were ready to
Sell it.

For few bucks
People who end up in category
"Writers". Do all this for profit.

Getting profit from your talent.
This is
Nor, a bitch class
Nor, some fraud like all.

My opinion is free, my works are

That's who am I

Writting isn't difficult as you think it is…

It'a easy

1) Have Goal
2) Have Something To Say
3) Try to be Original…

Not ordinary 'eal fuck.


This here is just what did happened with all authors…

Probably something from the sort

Their "Non" free book… well written, well told story is getting on the pirate market. Where everyone like you… me can get it free… This is eating them inside…

But come on… don't they give a fuck about the kiddos, without money?


You are

'En, nowhere.

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