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Writer 5

I will give you some more tips.... which I have missed.

1) Rule

(If you got a idea... write it down... and try to grow it and grow it and grow it. It's not so hard.)


Start basics... don't add too much characters if you have problems in remembering names, if you have problems you can add each character on a list.

2) Read, READ

(If you want to succeed in specific genre... read and read and read... books from that genre, try to don't make mistakes which most authors make. Like for example

1. The Story goes into interesting point... then it fails
2. REPEATION (IT SUCKS WHen the story goes over and over and over the same...)
3. Nothing more to Tell (THere isn't anything more to tell... but you continue to add more and more and more details and characters and in the end reader puts an end from reading that book by saying

- "OH Come on... REALLY THAT?"
- "Oh God I am losing my precious time to read this shit."
- "Oh God I know what's next"


YOu don't want that... if you want to continue try killing the main characters.

3) Drama

- If you can write drama... great try it... but don't add too much drama... drama is good in normal amount.

4) ScreenPlay

- Before few weeks I was watching some tips about "How To Write a SCreenPlay"... it works in screen play so and in novels/books. First create an image... where and where should specific characters go... which is the intention (Goal, Target)... then add obstacles (Add some challanges for example something which could stop them from going there...) - If you fail into creating such image try watching some movies and docs.

5) Fail

- It's normal to fail in writting, but don't stop writting in any cases... to get better try by watching more TV Series/TV Movies.

- And you can feel free to pick some ideas and to try something by mixing them.

6) Miss sHIt

- Don't Watch SHit
- Don't Read Shit
- Don't Listen to Shit
- Don't Write Shit

7) Interview

- I don't know how to call this part but yesterday I watched interview in which the writer said that

"If you want to write... Just grab a pen.... and start writting...."

- Which means sit somewhere where is silent and use your computer and start typing...

IN NATURAL MANNER you are going to get somewhere...


- If you ask me

I am not very into editing stuff... but still it can be done like in 1 week write everything on your computer then 2 week try to edit it. BUT DON"T GET TOOOO FAR

9) Start Killing

- Come on... start making more often killings, play with
the detectives minds (If it's about crime fiction, thriller and so on and so on)

- If you are Killer try something which hasn't been tried...



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