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A Letter Send to:

From:          Bloody Illy
To:               Detective Roger Maguire


You already know me very well... or probably you haven't heard about the new strikes which just happen now in California. This out there art is by me...

It's my own work... I take the whole credit about it. If you haven't heard about the new crimes... so sad... so sad... the news press are left behind  this juicy story. It just kills me that few days have been passed and nobody has suspected anything, this looks like Killer confession. But let's stay nice and calm here.


If I tell you the whole story looks like I am going to spoil your mind. THere is enough spoilers around the news press. Probably the newspapers and magazines have already spoil you..., a little.

But don't worry in this here message I am going to clear!

I am very mad at the people which create crime documentary series like "It Takes A Killer" or "Snapped"... I hate the concept in which  everything is shown in a very boring way, come on... come on... martial arts are so brilliantly showed and the killing is dry that it makes it one of the most boring jobs.


Everything about crime docs is so casual... I have been on the internet and it's very difficult for me to get one well written work. I always read one book... I pass few chapters and then I start feeling bored... it's a feeling which is inside me. First few years of being a reader, I thought that the problem is inside me that I just don't get it. But, "No,Noooo" that's a lie... the problem is in the author... they just do casual works and that's what spoils brains like mine.

Always there is a killing... then a detective come on... come on and in the end the killer has been caught great... great.

I don't see any obstacles,
I don't see any challenges.


I just don't see it in this whole process... where are the docs in which are shown cases which have never been solved...

When there is a obstacle it creates a chill for both the killer and detective, but here... what...

whatever they do... they always solve the case.



All killers get the same profile... isn't it an insult  for all of them?

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