петък, 4 август 2017 г.

Speedy (Part 1)

Speedy is here we bitch,
Just now looking at one hot chick.

Right now at the fitness I am building muscles, still
not planning to become Mr. Muscle maniac. It's not my style. I just ha've days in which I am into muscles others… not.

That's my life!

Come on … come on…

She is hot and cleaning the mirrors…

Why not she clean my dick…
With a rag.. .

Or she could use her tongue…

Bitches love dicks.. .




Wrong turn,
We should talk about dancing. Not about cock suckers.

Great the bitch is 'etting,
Some lessons.. .

Teach this bitch manners!


Again… the bullshit story…

One more thing and we start rollen.

She said "Are you staring at me?"
I said "Mhm, Noo!?"

She said "Then at who?…

There is nobody behind me or  near me…

We are here… U and I"

I said "At your cunt…"

She said "Oh you little bastard..."

I said "This is Not you… if cunt and body can exist as separated words… it means that they are two different things. The conclusion of this whole drama is you make judge in a wrong way."


I am now watching some videos in which
People are dancing…

I just don't get it
Random moves…

Which by humans are defined as not random.

But if I see them as random, does it mean that I am not a human?

If… Yes?

What am I?

(Note: Short Paragraphs… this is my new symphony.)

Slow moving

He said "I am just trying waste some time… by using the walking path"


Come on.

'Cht.. .It's great … you teach me a lesson… but still by using that there machine… you look like a potential new victim … a brand new target for the school adolescent rapist.


Oh, yeah… No any type of logic… but go with it…

Build some muscles…

I am at the gym… because society thinks that having muscles is very important. As for me…







I have my own doubts about this whole conspiracy, today is the day in which my buddy got screw up by me.


Waw… dwaled + swallow it… we cunt!

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