четвъртък, 2 август 2018 г.

Comedy: Money

By DeYtH Banger

Once you got money high enough you start feeling like you are God… like nothing can stop you… You get so brain fucked that you gonna piss or cum on somebody's food.

You feel superior…

What you need few guys who don't have money… and you have something like 40$ and you are already superior. You gonna try to manipulate those poor guys… you gonna use all types of net to get them and pull all kinds of magic tricks out of your pocket by using money.

Note: You son of a biatch… living a life is nothing more than a selfish choice made from creatures who are stupid enough to think that they have what to give.

It's so foolish from their side…

So the story goes like you all were poor but few of you got a chance to get few more "$" by doing stuff that your mom won't approve and look yourself being selfish going like you are the big deal and you got 40$ it's not too much If we look it straight away.


Life a shitty fucker… execute and obey….

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