неделя, 26 август 2018 г.


By DeYtH Banger

What type of freedom is bothering your mind?

Come on you deadly fucker

If we go AND START executing the bible.

Like the 10 commandments  and few more information…

In the bible is written sex is a sin
In the bible is written (with other words…) masturbating/jerking off

(P.S.: The sins are the best thing about you.)

(Note: I always constant worry of getting beaten up… it's kinda of getting too much freedom.)

What type of God is going to excuse the humans sins and put them in heaven?… Come on since when the tickets for this show when in so low prices?

Most fucks aren't unique… most of them are 't for the theater and what now bothers thy mind are:

1) Pornography and pornstars something like theater with actors who always play the constant role of being nude.

(Note: It's not my fault that the deeper shit shot it gets the more people get brain fucked…)


2) Did I lost few friends?

- So Come on.. . You are gone and now you want to safe your back from harsh arguments and feedback!?

Really Thy Fuckers are going to screw up their minds.

Note: And he asked me what I remember and know?… What do you want?… To CONSTANLY proof myself?

Sorry, but this game I won't play!

No proper argument has been opposed and proposed about freedom… language is build upon the roof of slaving mankind.

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