петък, 10 август 2018 г.

Deadly Wrong aka True

First I want to clear up ... that Brendon Burchard is Damn wrong about ways to discipline yourself.

First constant repeating the same thoughts over and over create constant mind blockage from other thoughts.


"What to do to make the day more fun?

- To start my day carefree
- Bold and Confident people  to be mentors
- Getting great mentors
- Less fuck to give
- Basic Traffic Teraphy
- Improve my "wall"

For what could I feel grateful about today?

- To learn something  new
- To Live in the present moment
- Today I am with friends outside
- Trying to imply some new moves in dating
- Getting new bricks…
- Ground Level Improvement
- Going home with a thought "I made somebody's day"
- Getting early - Today out

How can I surprise?

- With removing the bad Habbits, from my life.
- By reading more books about different material
- By doing some surprising activities 
- By getting new results
- By trying ti improve myself
- Follow my path
- Getting Rid of Bad Habbits
- Building a ground level discipline
- By become a Badass

How can I demonstrate excellence?

- By reading more self-help books
- By improving my self 
- By trying something new
- Just calm down… and to follow my greatness
- By Relax
- Just to try to give my best
- It's time to learn more…
- It's time to end floor one and get ready floor 2

How can I get motivated?

- By removing the daily pressure.
- By trying to make everything fun and exciting
- Trying to adapt new behavior
- Trying to discuss my problems and to relax…. And …. Calm.
- To do it….
- Clean and clear movies
- Removing toxicity and negativity from my life
- Negativity
- Bad Mindsets - Removing"

I had a suicide problems... mainly from confusion and repeati on and now repeating an activity is like playing on the vicious circus of suicide. Come one moment you gonna skip and your life is over.

It'a great to have rules which to follow, but still to follow this rules you need daily action.


Enough writing,
Enough reading,


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