четвъртък, 2 август 2018 г.

Comedy: You don't Get It (Part 1)

By DeYtH Banger

Come on and come on… you just don't get it… 
You don't fucking get it… you are saying that you are getting it… you got the idea… you know what it's about… but not really know what you know.

You are confused by itself is a depricating behavior.


Here is the truth you fuck… you don't get it you moron… you ask questions… no need to deep the shit.


So comedians like me throw a joke about daily life so to go throw it.. Life is a hypocrite and nobody WILL tell you the truth, everyone got a story we could start from movies up to song writers up to newspaper short-stories and list goes. It's like endless orgasm…

Nobody in your fucking life is going to help you with your life… not in manner of saying:

"You are good.."
"You are doing great…"
"Great… keep it going…"
"Awesome…. Great.."

- Life is hard and you never get the push of positive… living in negativity it's like being all your life under a cloud of rain.


But stIll people like Raphie May … Chris Farley or John Pinette or Robin Williams all this fucks are dead some of them people say that they have died naturally… but I doubt about it… there is something bigger… there is whole big conspiracy.

So this fucks were telling jokes as a job and now they are 15 meters below us… I call this a good day with a bad karma.

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