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Comedy: You Don't Get It (Part 4)

By DeYtH Banger

What's bad about not believing in God?
What's bad about not trusting the bible?
What's bad of not being religious?

So life goes on like a corruption If I don't believe in God because I got information which is pretty reasonable… How can I believe in God when the bible says sex, gays, racism are bad stuff and I have seen people who believe in God and are sinners if we look it from this perspective.

Note: Yet all believers are wasting theit time to pray to invisible force which never plays in the playground.

P.S. - So look how fucked up is life, most religious people are sad, secondly… no answer of prayer and third people get easily offended and how good is that?

Nobody is really tough… 


The whole thing is like talking or creating an invisible friend and start talking to it… It's creepy shit … it's like a demon... has possessed your body…

Cracking a jokes makes life more than a drama and crime… it add ups some comedy… but still this the most longest show ever launch on TV. It's not good to waste your time with something which doesn't help you with self-improvement. What type of fucked up race is:

- We are going out tomorrow!
(Tomorrow comes and the offer is out of the line.)

- We are going to go out… (Said before 2-3 days)

(The day comes… and goes like… "I am busy")

- I am going to give you a call

(Oh god you fucker… the day comes and you are gone what type of fucker are you?)

- I don't know when

(What type of fucked up guy should you be of not knowing when you are comming coming back to my country)

Note: People always say one shit and other shit comes in the way… So here is the thing

- I will kill myself… but it's getting as dagger as a double edged sword.

P.S. - This dude wanted to have fun… , but life is a controversial show with pleny of rules in case you start compiling this shit have in mind this tip.

Life will

Is a fake promise no rules can be ever applied.

- DeYtH Banger

I don't like God… I just don't like the shitty story behind that moral fucker.


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