петък, 3 август 2018 г.

Energetic MusCum

By DeYtH Banger

Note: Energy drinks may take the best of you and turn you on to a trash.

P.S.: This story is old piece... which I decided to finish today.

Nothing is as bad than the habbit to drink energy drinks, at first it was reminder of "pee"… I don't mean the smell… or how it tastes, but the way it looks. 

The same goes and for beer.

It's like just like just… 

It just one yellos type of drink which makes to wonder what in FUCKING hell are you drinking!??

But it makes you feel great you get lost somewhere around some good thoughts and you forget pain.
. But in the end of the day anxiety gets on the path it hiijackes brain and makes you to start reading…

- Erotic Content

Or even 


- Pornographic material

I am not the first victim of a mind obeying… million people obey what their mind says… it starts from innocent thought like:

- "Just one book"
- "Just one look"
- "Just one more time"

Pornography is a content for curious person… if you are tired from the same BULLSHIT story… curiosity is going to kill you over this content, mainly because it's going to make you to take a look at that and that and that… you just need little fantasy and buckle up curiosity.


But still

Lil said:

"Y'LL Fuckers  don't fuck with what I drink and eat… it's enough for me to read and watch killers
…. Disease… misery and now what I eat to feel sick about it?

…. Isn't it enough that I don't drink alcohol… don't smoke cigars and I even don't go for hookah?"

What kills you in this game is a slight touch on your dick… first once then twice  (because you liked the feeling)… it gets addictive and from bowling around from the head it goes to playing with balls and the big pipe and curiosity gets you in a strong way and one moment white stuff pop up… 

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