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Journal (Jason Capital Style)

Example: This is how it looks a journal based upon the advice of Jason CapitCapital - Dating coach. First have in mind if you find a good quote or something useful highlight it... or write it down.


I should be happy

1) I learnt a new skill
2) I started learning new skills
3) I went out of my comfoth zone
4) I fail… but never put it for "later".
5) I keep results


1) Today I had a chat with bunch of girls it went well
2) Yesterday I was for few minutes a public speaker
3) Yesterday I had success in chatting with women
4) Yesterday I made some new friends
5) Today I had a chat with random people
6) Today I was in state of happiness and care freeness.


Day 2

1) Today I had a chat with new people
2) I did what I can
3) I learn new skills
4) I had few chats with girls… it went pretty well with smile on their face

Day 4-5

1) Going toward my Path
2) Less FUCK
3) More fun
4) More Challenging
5) Don't giving a fuck

Day 7,8,9,10,11,12

1) Learning new Skills
2) Learnt new jokes
3) Finishing TV Series
4) Learning new things aboit Seduction
5) Joining RSD Community
6) Going to A Party
7) Feeling Carefree (Not giving a fuck to rejections)
8) Going to level which most people haven't gotten
9) Reading new Books about Communication, Body Language and etc.

Day 13,14,15,16,17,18,19

1) Going throw plenty  of material and trying to understand what really happens. (Dive in Deeper Water)

2) Mastering Discipline
3) Getting In Adaptable Behavior/Mood
4) Less questions and theory in field
5) Becoming More Carefree Character
6) Watching Comedy
7) Becoming more naturally Aware and Confident
8) Getting less Depressed and Stressed
9) Improving And Fixing my social Circle

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