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If I have changed your life and you want more from my content come and support me on patreon.... I will keep up the free advice + there on patreon I gonna give and some extra stuff as for now you can get the book (Junior Talker #4)... it's going to be available on patreon for few months... then it goes out.

- So go there start reading it ... get the knowledge before others. 


I am a mapper also and a writer. I create maps for Counter-Strike I am famous with my name LH Mapper also and with DeYtH Mapper or DeYtH Banger Mapper. I write all kinds of books... my  writting career started with The Life Of One Kid - Series, this books weren't self-improvement or self-help or horror or something like that. This series of books were more likely explaining who I am... how my life has been before and how I am now... what happen to me.. .trauma, tragic events, stories from the past and such type of stuff... nowadays to have story and to tell is a great thing you get and money... but I started this whole thing free... then it came out (Deeper Level #) which is a collection of stories.... in other words I started writting short-stories like "It's not a Happy" or "The story in the Jail" and many other stories some of them well structured and you get the idea others confusing and focusing on too much points... after Deeper Level... I started writting some self-help... first helping people how to write stories (Domination #) - Series, then Brain On Porn - Series... many people nowadays are getting stuck with pornography content they watch and read erotic stuff and in the end of the day... masturbate once or twice and this goes to addiction it could start from 6 years old kid up to 20-30 years old guy... which is fucked up... it's okay to try it once or twice or one year to go with this masturbating thing but to go so viral or for so long period for 20 or 30 years... it's fucked up bro... it's just fucked up... in Brain On Porn... I explain side effects and other useful stuff which can help you break this habbit... after this series I started working on (Notes #), - WHICH series are similiar to "The Life of One Kid".... Nowadays I read books plenty of them and share knowledge in my books... as for now I would like to help and other people... by supporting me on patreon you gonna get personal advice from me and you questions are going to answered as quick as possible.


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