четвъртък, 2 август 2018 г.

Comedy: You Don't Get It (Part 2)

By DeYtH Banger

How does life look from here?
How are you?


Is it a good question "How much years old are you?"

The mind always bothers around information like a Crazy Russian Guy, what mind needs it's material… give it enough and your mind will start fucking with you.

If you go with positive life you can't negative… let's be honest to remove your anxiety and limits in discussion… Which means to have the ability to say:

1) Insults
2) To Express yourself
3) To be Confident
4) And etc

You need a whole tail of negative BULLSHIT.. . It's going to put you down but if you have grown up with it you gonna get the ability to control it.

And now who is fucked up?
Nobody says that people are fucked up…, one son of a biatch started to shout on the phone… for no reason at all … I am calling to clear up shit he is going with…

"AREEEEEEEE YOU CRAZY…. I CAN'T TALK NOWWWWWWW…. I JUST CAN'T TALK NOW"… this shit is fucked up and If I start living with such type of people… I am going to end up on the list with 30 Pounds weight.

Why nobody makes jokes about this kinda of 

A shit… It's a vicious circle and it's an example of plot line with hell of a twizzles, sizzles… it's very twisty.


Nobody knocks on the door at 05:01 am and says:

"Life sucks… but you mother fucker you going to stay here for a very very long time…"

- Life is not pernamemt …, one day a disease knocks… and in just a one moment it knocks you out.

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