петък, 22 март 2019 г.

Comedy: Me 2?

By DeYtH Banger

It's all about me.. and me… if you don't like the stories… feel free to leave the room at any time.. I think about me… I care about me.. and I am narcisstic bitch. Play with Point of views… that's what trivia… viral… in the writer society in my opinion it's first person point of view awesome… I know why people should be around and why I am important…

So the answers… I repeat good shit to myself everyday … I use mirror and other type of positive thoughts exercise… so why not me? Why them? My mom definetly does not care… she thinks that I am master manipulator with suicode accidents and saying shitty stuff… probably after all body language… observation and learning communication skills gets a hole right in your ass.

Here is the tryth when A woman is hard to get playing… you are now playing against her and the bitch shield which she has put in front of her. When I look in the mirror… the first thought which pops out is "You are not death… kill yourself… come on… put some commitmentband decipline into this shit.". R.L. Stine author Goosebumps his jokes are not funny… the best which I can suggest to him… is to jump from a bridge… he is going definetly do something slightly more efficient … and effective and good… he is going to end up in a documentary.


What's my life or let's say what do I do?
I binge movies and tv shows… I have pleny of tine waste from my youth so I am watching some good shit… I don't have time to panic and getting paranoid about guns and financial crisis and wars… cone on aren't supposed to be smart… you are intelligent abd now you are imitating an ape behavior… come on… come on…

What's the next suprise of the day? Don't think? Having an opinion? Reading a book?
Not a suprise at all

To all fat fucks … run if you can… still go with run… because the moment you stop hearthattack is going to kill you. To smokers… great great… economy is growing the first step of helping economy is cleaning up the schmuck and idiotic society… once the clean up is done we are ready to go. Alcohol abusers… if you can drink and if you can't stop drinking alcohol… give a thought… give few thoughts… about process… probably got hates you. I don't do proper talk with girls, mainly because after a conversation I am strongly supposed to blame, judge and shame myself… I skip that step… mainly because… I feel weird about the whole process. My eyes are red… my eyes hurt… it's because I am using a skill which you have forgotten to put into work, it's called "learning". I just don't get fighting… what's the idea to learn something or to bend over!?

Jokes about my size, oh it's so genius… how much carrots do you get as for daily reward? Fuck Max and his screw up game.. you suck… okay… go ans get rape. Sex is a new nuance… it's a rape method, I hate all this angry and full of conflict people… it turns my wheels around.. what's wrong with you? Your parents don't love you? You lost hope at young age? You can't masturbate?

Ignoring and hate this is new thing which is going to motivate you, if you are not getting motivated probably you are mentally incapable human being. Before we start the fun, Have in mind those big screens in your home… are slpwly and effectively killing you. So stats say that Bill gates is current reading 3 books… he has started reading since 2010… Before that he hasn't been a fan to read books… so far do I… I became fan of books around 2016 year… Bill gates reads in a year right now 4.. he has read so far and for the previous year he has read 23… we are talking for a fucking speed reading shit.

As for.
 Me right now 90 books I have read my goal is to make it 367… it was somewhere near that… I am not sure…

I fonished a book with 500 pages for 3-4 days… for a week I can read 3 books… for 2 weeks we are talking from 4 up to 6 books… 3 weeks… 6 up to 9 books… for a month we are talking about 12 up to 16 books… so let's ignore the whole year.. Because I an going to Embarrass Bill Gates… it seems like that… I am hear not to say That I am the big deal… but this big pua fuck is no near to reading a book… stop sharing bullshit stories.

I started today with streaming porn feature... I started watching that shit to see what people have, what I don't hate and the most important thing the dominance which they apply and it's missing in my life...  I insidely fucked up... God fuck me up...

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