понеделник, 26 юни 2017 г.


Noone, has ever before written such a work,
these one here, which you are going to have,
chance to read and follow.

Lines of hope and justice,
Duty and infidelity.

Writting in a complex is way more easier,
what you must do is to read complex,
works written by complex authors,
as always there is a guy who wants a suggestion
and one more guy who is going to give the suggestion.

But fore the lines come into action,
for little reaction, emotion and motion.
You,.... oraaa... let's put it like
"Dear, You", you should start with poetry,
don't choose Shakespeare, don't try to play
with the ball of the genius creatures. 

Oh, come on are you stupid
or you are nuts?

Because I was explaining what could happen, how could it happen and then,
you say "No, No... I mean real human beings"... off come on, I was talking,
about them In the form of aphorisms, epithets, hyperbole and personification.

We are starting and look us, fucking look us

that's how we think we are going to feel more comfortable.

Long sentences in a place... where  it suppossed sentences
to be splitted once, twice.... and even more.


It's way more important to hear the last words,
of a human being, I don't tell ya to become a serial killer,
but to have the honor to here his/her last words.

Thee, will ask you questions like

"What did he/she said?"

"Tell Us!"


But remember, remember, you can save the truth and
wash their brains with hope and lies,
you can play falsity hidden.

That's the whole fun of the "Last Words", you always could be
Mysterious and Subtle.

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