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Easy Question

Since I have came here on blogspot with my works nothing has ever had sense, not just my works but and other stuff my reviews the books which I read. It's strange that I have so much thoughts and they sound like different people, different personalities have said this words, not I...


Somebody, somebody and somebody!


Somebody is going to take my words they are going to take the credit, they gonna take my reviews and again the same here, the same with my maps and all my works which I have ever done. But can I do anything about it?

Probably Half-Yes, Half-No

Logic starts and end here, we should go back as much as deeper to see "Why" specific thing is happening to specific person, is it me? or is it somebody else?


Memories are the big problem in this whole world, some of them are good others are bad... it depends in what moment what you can recall if you re-call good (sides) it means you less have agression, if you can only re-call the bad days nothing more than devil by himself is controling your mind, but in the end as good as you know it somebody controls you, being a bad - means play with the devil dices. Being good means playing with the angel dices!

If you want to die, suicide it means that the devils have your mind locked

If you want to make your life better and improve your life, it's nothing more than
angel throwing at you positive thoughts one after another.

Speech Expert

I am not an speech expert to judge ya, sounds cool to get a prefix like
[Speech Expert] or [Body Language Expert], but I am not the first one, neither and the second one

 (P.S. - You have came so far, don't think that you ain't gonna die... your days are counted since you start the whole job.)

I can say it from here, as you talk now,,, it doesn't sound so far that you agree with what you are saying....



I can't understand "You", dear people you play specific roles, you do specific stuff, you read, you watch, you come back into the past for searching an answer. But in the end sadly you are empty, I could be now talking shit and shit and shit and acting as somebody who knows a lot of but I don't know a lot of, I have a lot of to learn, I have a lot of more to watch, I have a lot of more to do. I could be damn good with theory and I know how to do stuff, but this doesn't mean I am good in action... I like to do

multiple actions = so to be come greater

I read in the same time

25 Books


464 Books I have read since 2014,2015,2016 and now 2017


I have watched a lot of movies/series
I play games and listen to music
I play games and listen to audiobooks

I do so much stuff that most people are very weak in their minds!

They don't have the ability to make it... I have all in my head... I like a lot data
I like complexity and that's whom I am.

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