понеделник, 26 юни 2017 г.

Noises of FocusneSS/LessneSS

Do you have the time where you can't focus?
IT's something very typical!
It as always remains as possibility 

There are days where you lavish
cadavers and days in which you are
less productive  than ever before.

Noises and noises they don't stop playing
in your head over and over, screams and screens.

Cream and dreams both hands in hands just to shake your world
a world which has been build by you and has been
 weaken   by the same person who has
builden it.

Time never ends here, story after story, promise after a promise,
glace after grace, gaze and smaze. Words which have lost
a meaning in a such a meaningful world.

Noises and noises, nothing more, nothing less.
Smiles are so enganging virtuous and vicious
Smiles can't be explained than we used to explain them... 

The story is suppossed to end here, right now but can I put an end to a such a
magnificent story?

Full of labels,troubles and rainbows, it travels without even
asking a question!

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