вторник, 27 юни 2017 г.

The Bestseller Code by DeYtH Banger

Special Thanks to

The Bestseller Code: Anatomy of a Blockbuster Novel
by Jodie Archer (Goodreads Author), Matthew L. Jockers (Goodreads Author)

For the great analyze and how people choose who is the best seller and who is not...

I am going to listen what they said, I mean the authors of this book...

Which was to make my own analyze!

1. Worst is not the best way

2. Good Effects are the way to go

3. Don't see it... don't come with it

4. You fucked once, I ain't gonna give you a second chance

5. Cliches as always everywhere and anywhere...
... can you try to skip them blinklist just did that?

(Note: I am not on Blinklist, listening to audiobooks notes made into 15 pages which is roughly 14,15 minutes is going to take you time to spend.)

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