сряда, 28 юни 2017 г.

Look DOWN 3

What I talking about is very, very typical,
It's like the music which most of us listen... over and over and over

The same tone, melody… first lower pitch.. then
higher and that's classic music.


I should apologize, probably one day I won't remember my name, my thoughts and even who I am. But that's dead, Right?

Dead = Level 0 Ground

Oh, wait my mistake from retardation and rethoric melody I just lost myself. What I want to say is that what now  you are reading is my "Nowadays" Misery. But still I can't be a specific time will be forgotten, stories and
symphonies will be lost along the way.

One for the greater good!

I made illusions… I created them, but let at least
one more time to view them.

What-If, they she or her are looking at you… probably because you are strange. Few of the people just had the guts to say that you are strange person, not really in your face. But they said to other people... it went viral after few days….

Probably you are already famous in school as I was once. Mocking behavior - I AM NOT SURE FOR THIS WORD… IS IT THE CORRECT ONE FOR TO DEFINE SUCH A TRAGEDY?

Do you even listen?

HAHA, once!????

 That's my story, as for now I am alive, but as you reading it after 20 years... probably I could be dead, god knows!?

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