сряда, 28 юни 2017 г.


Mhm, If we think Little bit,
(Sound like an a order, but it's not).

You know when a writer doesn't know,
what he is talking about, most cases,
he creates traps with images and sets.

Which in the end gets into them... (AS YOU SAID LOCKED IN YOUR BRAIN....)

That's how I feel now,
I just feel like I will create one big trap for myself.
If I start writting novels, stories which … I ain't ready for.

I have choosen this now which you are reading just to free myself from hell and heaven… death and Alive.

As already know… old people talk about death - Theories and Speculations. Teenagers and grown ups old enough… but ain't 80… neither 60… I am talking from 18 up to 40 years old.

They just talk about how everything is going to happen… From jobs up to cars….but as always time comes... first and spoils all and everything.

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