петък, 30 юни 2017 г.

School Is Over

I am very thankful, that once and for all again this hell is over, I never liked being there.

 Being in school with different types of people, some people just wanna smash you others say that they are your friends... but in the end they are trying to ruin your life, enemies one moment are your friends, other time they ain't. But still I am thankful that in such bad days in which I was with bad mood in this hell I had a chance to be around works written by authors like:

  1. Stephen King (It helped me in hard times to  go throw the rough stuff...)
  2. Dean Koontz (Within everything there is something which is special and wonderful)
  3. James Patterson
  4. Jack Ketchum (Hard times are part of the lesson)
  5. J.K.Rowling (Everyone starts from hell... choices makes you to go in heaven) 
  6. James Baldwin (Niggers are slaves... but look them now... they just have left that behind their back.)
  7. Mark Manson (Life is going to be better, if you  stop giving fuck about people's opinion...But if we think little bit... we will see that stopping giving fuck after all isn't so easy as we think it is. We JUST  CAN"T ONE MOMENT STOP SAYING "I CARE"... it's damn difficult... He just says that we should stop if we want a better life....)
  8. Jeff Garlin (And we... fail...)
  9. Upton Sinclair (Hard work as always pays back...)
  10. Robert Mazur
  11. Michael Tougias
  12. Jeffery Deaver (Teachers were angry in school, but at leasty Jeffery Deaver was the most silent teacher I have ever met in my life! :)
  13. D. A. Brown (Oh, you are working as detective?...

    D. A. Brown is a detective with the Seattle Police Department's Criminal Intelligence Section specializing in threat assessment and cyber crimes. She’s also a task force officer with the FBI’s Cyber Crime Task Force. She lives in West Seattle. - The work fucking sucks... that's all what I will tell you...) WORK: Dead Drop: A Girl's Guide to Homicide
  14. Mihir S. Sharma (We need to restart the economy)
  15. Jodie Archer (That's how they do it...ThAT"S THE CODE)
  16. Vaclav Smil ( I am going to become a vegetarian, why? Vaclav Smil, will answer your question.)
  17. Marina Adshade (Dollars and Sex, have something in common - WHAT?... Marina Adshade, is going to answer your question.)
  18. Jeanne Ryan (Life is one of the most crazy things which you can ever experience.)
  19. Dennis Lehane
  20. James Sallis (For the best work you need a expert.)
  21. Chad Kultgen (That's the future, please accept it!)
  22. Thomas Harris
  23. Robert Damon Schneck
  24. Robert B Parker
  25. Anthony E. Zuiker (He is brilliant you already know this genius guy... he is behind some crime shows you can google this guy... but in the (Whodunnit?) series he ain't so brilliant as we used to know him.)
  26. Robert Crais
  27. Stephen Hunter
  28. J.D.Robb
  29. Robert Ludlum
  30. Harlan Coben
  31. Michael Connelly 
  32. Joseph Finder
  33. Tom Clancy (This guy is going to blow your brain... too many scenarious of chaos.)
  34. David Ignatius
  35. Greg Cox (Something was invented and it just changed the world)
  36. Meg Rosoff
  37. Neil Gaiman
  38. Nick Flynn
  39. Jeff Lindsay (Once and for all Jeff told us that behind the professionalists ... there is something which very very dirty... ! Dexter is the big example here!)


  1. Jack Mapanje
  2. John Burnside
  3. Peter Porter
  4. Alan Jankins
  5. Brendan Kenelly
  6. Douglas Dunn
  7. Robert Frost
  8. Robert Hass
  9. Michael Schmidt
  10. Dorothy Wordsworth
  11. Philip Levine
  12. George Bowering
  13. Pangur Bàn
  14. Alice Jones
  15. Brad Davis
  16. Charles Simic
  17. Michael Donaghy
  18. Gillian Allnutt
  19. William Shakespeare (Probably a writer who gives too much details, but the good thing is that by reading his works one day you can use his words from his works to get more ironical as a person.)
  20. Robert CrawFord
  21. Edgar Allan Poe (Never liked him as a writer, the same and is for Shakespeare first because they are from the past and second Shakespeare... I had some works written by him in my student books and... something like "Must Remember, Must say"... I didn't like those scenarious... not being free... As For Allan... just because he is from the past... I don't like people from the past... I like more the alive writers...)
  22. Philip Gross


The irony of all is that I wasn't just a reader, I was also and watcher and a listener. To don't forget and a writer. I have written around school hell a lot of works, I got and a chance to write works about what's happening aroud my life. 
Around the people which I know/ I go outside with, around with the people which I live with...

It hasn't been one of the best years = 2017, but still it's comming the summer. No books have been given to me to read for this summer, so I am going to be honest here... the truth is that I am glad about being free and having a chance to read what I want...

This summer... is going to be different... I am going to be wise in choosing what to read and what not, after this weekend = Saturday and Sunday or probably after a break. I defenitely need it, I will be active still on twitter or facebook or youtube or on watchin films or reading books but not as something which "I must do", but something which I am going to do rare and when I am into the mood.

The problem of school is that "You must read it", bad or in a good mood... sad or angry... hatred or love... still you had to do it... If you want to pass the year, of course I am not from the students which stay in one place and spends hours on reading stuff which in the end... EVEN DON'T REMEMBER, don't recall and are worried about their future, some kinda dumb ass a... stupid guy has told them that it's important and they do what they do.

As for me I am going to read stuff which are going to help with improving my social skills and communicating, I am going to focus on stuff which I like and enjoy, I am going to read books which are going to improve my thinking and even improve my writting skills and much more.


I don't know about you people, but I have my favourite characters from series up to films and movies.

  1. Dexter 
  2. Monk
  3. D.M. House (Ironical, Critical, Hypocritical and Authoritative)
  4. Cal Lightman (There is a body language which is again a way of communicating)
  5. Johnny Smith
  6. Seth
  7. John Reese 
  8. Lionel Fusco 
  9. Harold Finch
  10. Walter White
  11. Saul Goodman
  12. David Caruso
  13. Edward Nygma
  14. James Gordon
  15. Harvey Bullock
  16. Barbara Kean
  17.  Nathaniel Barnes
  18. Carmine Falcone
  19.  Fish Mooney 
  20.  Oswald Cobblepot
  21.  Jerome Valeska 

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