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*New* Ebooks by DeYtH Banger

For the people which are interested in reading my ebooks online and even if they are interested to download them.

Both ways are possible, just one click away from you.


1. Protocols #2  by DeYtH Banger


Description: Protocols is a place where you can find SCP and even you have a chance to read news around crime, science and to don't forget now that you have also and a chance to read a Short-Story/ies and Poem/s written by me.

But that's not all, you have and a chance to read Poetry written by various authors around the world.
Famous and Non-Famous!

Download/Online Read:

2. Reddit Collection #7 by DeYtH Banger

Description: More or less it hurts, but how much is the question?

Download/Online Read:

3. The Life Of One Kid (The Kid.D #1) by DeYtH Banger

Description: Differences scares people soona or later.

So be clever in making your decisions!

Download/Online Read:

4. The Life Of One Kid 2 (The Kid.D #6) by DeYtH Banger

Description: To repeat is like the stupidy of saying bullshit all the same. - DeYtH Banger
Horror Makes me Alive. - DeYtH Banger
If it's here and it will contie to be here and more and more stuff from this category are here..., take it as part of the process called learning! - DeYtH Banger

So another ride together to the unlogical place to a place which was created by a mind and it was a journey of mind. Another interesting journey!

Download/Online Read:

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