събота, 24 юни 2017 г.

Math = Life

Math has made a change in my life
that's the whole truth of the story which I am going to
tell ya.

LEVEL = Honesty, because here I am going to stop
hiding my real face. Life isn't something like a
Symbolic, asotic, analytical association.

Life is irony, everything is just
one big job walking together Hands in hands with

I play with math when I am bored,
I play with math when I am confused,
I play with numbers when I don't have anything left in my pockets,
I use random numbers for my choices, better random way than the old
I play with math when I just can't deal with the way the people are looking at me.

That's who I am
I should accept myself once and for all!

I have potential to be greater and smarter and genius
But does it worth, to roll one more time this fucking dice
which life has provided me with?

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