петък, 23 юни 2017 г.

Write it, Ain't Fix It

I am going to to write it.... not to fix it... fixing it costs my memory ruins the whole story as more I go inside... deeper and deeper... over and over and over and over and over in the end I am saying you that you gonna edit it... once, twice you gonna start hating it you gonna start ask stupid questions and in the end you gonna have the most worst expression.

  1. Rule 1.0
It's important for what you write about, for what you are reading and which your favourite genres around the movie industry, book industry and so on and so on. If you like horror read horror, like philosophy - you like to ask questions and to get accurate answers?

2. Rule 2.0

Never read shit, write about shit and watch shit, watch the best so to can get the best results, if you write for the worst, watch the worst, do the same over and over and over, don't ask for different results.

3. Rule 3.0

If we little thik about it, no need to edit your works, no need to add extra stuff. to remove what you hate, you have written one story. Probably the second part is going to suck, but the first part is going to be your best style, after all I have tried doing some 2,3 volumes of some works and some of them don't end good.

4. Rule 4.0

- Focus on good stuff, if you want some help like what next to watch?
Read, listen to and etc. Write me:

Email: dalai1@abv.bg, if you have questions, wanna read something but not sure about it, wanna watch one movie but you want to get something like a feedback of this movie, write me. No matter what time, when and where, I promise you in the framework of 24 Hours  I am going to try to answer your question, but still if I don't max up to 7 days you gonna get my opinion.

(Note: Don't worry!)


You already know my story, I hate to not be original... I don't skip it... I just want to be original... not somebody who is already taken. If you watch shit you gonna write about shit!


Shit is like the pornography as always it ruins your mind, the same goes and for other topics, if you focus too much they are going to wash ya, once and for all.

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