сряда, 28 юни 2017 г.

Look DOWN 2

Look DOWN again, not because I want you to, 
not just because my pointing.

But because to see it by yourself, how everything has turn out.

Looking Down, is a choice which means not acknowledging somebody's presence… doesn't matter is it a stranger (-danger), friend or relative , we don't give to specific person the needed respect… - That's what's ....all is about.

He/She gives us a chance. 
What do we do? … 
We ignore there empty expressions!

What did they wanted?
Wasn't too Much!

Just few impressions, few tricks and get rollen.

But We, dear we ignore them… 
Like they are a sign… 
they are an insect… 
so useless, non-need, 
now is the perfect moment for the best question, 
who are we to make such a
 incremental judge?

Are you tired?

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