понеделник, 26 юни 2017 г.

Not Interested

Yeah, yeah, yeah the title says too much


It explains what's going to happen


Not how, when and where,  but more likely

the mood which I am now going put "ON",
remove ropes which keep me from not saying
what I want and desire the most.

Throat it's a such a sorrow and at one point it's the real,
arrow in your life, the realm and the
vision a killer is on the loose,



Let's stop and honor that hour,
it's a nightmare in front of your eyes to see how,
you are going to die, nobody,
is going to help you and you ,
are on the ground and laying,
and praying for one more chance,
but this are your last words, be clever,
don't be a stupid asshole,
choose wisely your words.

My Throat fucking hurts,
 from spinal cords

No need for Retardation and retrospection,
Speculation and Corruption.

AND THEY and whom and thou

All of "You" are not interested, just not interested
retrogradation and abbreviation wth simple presentation.

Non the less
Non the mRE

I know, I know,
I know and I know... the story is named "Not Interested",
you are should play the ignorant guy,
all other roles are already taken
and even faken.

You should, no matter what, when, where and how,
but you should play this role. The title so easy to be understand
that it most likely sound like an order from a soldier.

Look them, then you, then them, then you.

Soon you are going to become a victim of your thoughts,
Food and foot are going to be your Acronyms for Passivity.

Holidays have never been my passion, hot peppers is all what
I want and desire.

Nor, moody and fuggy EMOTIONS
Nor, glances and glimces of simple accommodation
Nor, Some fucked up gaze at my face with a smile and
making me confused as hell, you ain't defused that's for sure.


Nor, fucked up friends which reply after hours and minutes  and seconds,
Nor, Fucked up people which even don't understand what they are really doing.


Bad luck and Bad News


Fundamentalism and Stock Funding

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