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Special Thanks to:

Jad T Jones



Kezia Noble


- Check out this playlist which I just created on youtube. I am very glad that I had a chance to meet people as Jad T Jones and Kezia Noble. People which are open minded and full of ideas. Both have different POV's of relationship of how to talk with girls and many other aspects, but that's what it's interesting and it's going to help you to  improve your social skills.

Some of you could know me as shy guy, others don't know me. But let's first give the picture, I am not a typical guy who likes to go to gym, I never did... but one moment I just decided to start going to develop as a better character. Since one month, I have join the fitness and I have bought an membership. I could say from since I have started until now, I feel better as a person, I feel with more confident, I feel as a guy who is going to be treated with respect. But still this doesn't change the image that I haven't been in any kinda of relationships with girls or women, I have some friends... which are girls... but the things are things... and we are just friends and ... I am not really into pushing the stuff, they don't look like suitable girls for me.

What I am searching something much better!


(So in short way said... very depressed guy, not with a lot of friends, at first place I was seeing myself as a nerd, but some of my friends put me as geek, most of mine tries  with have went in a very awkward manner. I am anxious, full of anxiety.... very shy person. Not into talking with girls neither and with males... I am just "OUTCAST".)

So my tips for you, so far are from a POV from which I am sure in 100% that people should stick to them, probably I am not the best example of a guy. But still this tips are not about something deeper, it's about the stuff which are on the top of the sea.


  1. Don't play as Mr. Nice Guy. (They always end up in Friend Zone Town)
  2. Don't Apolegetic with girls/women. (You are man and you have made a choice, now is the time to stick to it.)
  3. Don't try with Ordinary compliments. (Which mean to use complimets which are used from the majority of people. You should be different... Original - To Be More Correct, is the word.)
  4.  Challange the girls/women which you like.
  5. Stop with Jerking Off.
  6. Eye Contact is very important when you talk to a girl which you like. (It's very important when you talk to a girl, to look her into the eyes.)
  7.  Smiles are important.
  8. Being Honest is also important.

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