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We found a male body



From tweny up to 30 years old.



Come on enough shit, nowadays I have Witness all sorts of shit. Lee Child can't write well… but it seems so far from what I see that people are enjoying being around his crappy works. Once I had a chance to read one work written by him

I gave myself a break after that work

Concluded that I have taken the wrong work

so after few weeks or months

I come back

But again the same shit, so far from people's opinion he was the guy without a plot.

Then comes Stephen King… his book statics from my POV. WHICH is conclusion build on 50 books which I have read…

Some of them really surprised me… Probably this works have been written in the period of his life when he was more rich and fulfilled with lots of sTories.

It's One-Way-Math… when he had few works which were really well written… there were and works which were chaos in whole American literature.

But compared to all shit which I have found up to here this is nothing.

Let's focus on the school system.

P.S.: Oh, btw now I am at the gym… 4 times in a row… can you imagine?

Note: I am using the formula of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he has written whole 600 pages… book all about becoming Mr. OLYMPIA.

Now I am playing with the concept of muscle shock… basically.. I am playing a game beyond my limits.

3 hours on fitness, how crazy is this?


Let's come back to where were we…

School system sucks, it makes people to learn something and remember it…

And then comes a test or let's say an Exam in about 40 Questions. That's the moment when you start going back and in your mind you have "The Same" over and over which means that you remember whatt your teacher has been repeating… for so long time.

Today 30/07/2017… I finished the Cryptography class what I got on the exam was shocking. First the 5-6 questions were even not discussed in the micro-courses, then.. when I tried to recall something from my mind which I have tried my best to remember.

It was like a chicken soap my brain… come on… since the last 5 days…

1 - Day
2 - Day
- 40%
- 60%
3 - Day

- 60%
- 60%

Extra Stats

- 600 Points - Enki
- 1,200 Points - Code School
- 700 Points - Enki
- 1300 Points - Enki

Am I so bad?

ON the practice tests which after a hadn't anything to do with the exam or probably few questions in the exam had familiar question which I have encountered in the practice exam.

So There first

60%, 60% then 100% OR 80%

And on the exam



Come on… laugh…

You can laugh!

In the test first I was confused…


Time was bothering me

And the tutorials weren't very clear as information…

It was like



That's all


No answers…


And as a Second topic …

As for now will be


Useless scenarios nowadays can be found inside each book.

For example



Chapters can be skipped, first boring material… second already "we know" - category.

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