петък, 14 юли 2017 г.

Day One

1. I was in circle

(In other words said, I was around a girl/woman which I liked... I went near them....

 That move was made just to adapt the change.)

Need to work out:

On anxiety and getting nervous. I am very anxious person - nothing more into it. I became nervous... when I started pushing myself too much out of the comfort zone.

For example one girl was looking me while she was playing with hair, it made me feel nervous.

2. There is a bitch shield

(Sometimes women like to challenge guys by they getting more protective. There are two shields one defense- Which is nearly impossible to break and attack shield - which is more easier as for breaking.)

3. Mr. Nice Guy

(I don't understand why Mr. Nice Guy can't be accepted... Since I was a kiddo 7-8 years old, to me it was told that I should play the nice guy. So I started becoming, transforming into a such person, but I started seeing leaks which were like getting into awkward moments, being rejected in a nice way.... But still there is more to learn about the "Mr.Nice Guy".)

4. I was On the Extreme Level

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