петък, 28 юли 2017 г.



By DeYtH Banger

Haha, just leave me to laugh. I  am here on this planet… Earth since 1994 Year. I am here til 2016-2017… Still Livin

Greed hasn't ended… if you are born already… you have the supposed ticket to join the Greed Community.… I am fucking wrong… You are already a member of this community… You auto go there… few years… living in this planetvlike 9-10… and if you are around group of #Greed. Don't even think of asking anyone why about why you are so selfish. The answer inside your question, but take a break now… No Need For heavy weights to proof something which you aren't really. To take a mask means… to put 1000 Wights on your shoulder….

Let's make a conclusion… after all 2017 Year is one of the most prosperous years in the history of the whole human civilization.

Greed is quality which you need to survive in such a crucial planet like Earth.

 Yes…yes we have Computer games… we have high technology like smartphones, laptops, computers. We have Ebooks and Books, Audio books.

I guessing that with the person with which now I am interacting is laughing at me… (Dear You). Probably it's because what I just described is something far far far away from what your "Now" have as technology my "Now", sadly enough is your "past".

Very Deterministic  my behavio is right now.

(I need little break… just let me take a sit…))

So yeah… you

could be laughing at my poor language or even this language which now as I speak by the time which has passed has been forgotten. Like many other languages as I speak are dieing, … I mean really right now…

- No fucking clue as for which languages are disappearing. Probably are the non-famous language group, but if this language which now I am speaking, which is defined  as English/American has pooooooooof vanished.

I just don't see any type of benefit of human race when the main goal is destruction and ruining history.

All data has been corrupted, I am even not sure as for will be my message send to the public after the early comming up 20-30 years as the same format as you are reading now or somebody is going to destroy all my work?

 …Which has started it's prosperous days since I was 15 Yeard old kiddo!

 As for my last wishes are if my works gets changed or destroyed… I pray to God to save me from that horrific situation. Which no any thy human want to be part of it.

(Note: As I speak I  am walking up to my next destination  = Fitness, it's 07/28/2017.)

I keep asking myself why people put make Up, when ugly = ugly. No any medicine has been ever created to remove the humans ugliness.

You are ugly, just accept it!

Hey, fat bitch… Yes, you….

Stop the Fitness workout… most likely to die from heart attack than to put down few weights.

Hey, Skinny Bitch… Stop the workout you don't have any type of mass on your body, where are you thinking to go?

Next Generation, mutants?

It's so wrong.
It Feels,

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